Meadowlands Casino Debated at East Coast Gaming Congress

Meadowlands Casino Debated at East Coast Gaming Congress

The Meadowlands Sports Complex has long drawn fans from New York, and a casino is hoped by some lawmakers here could perform some same. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Since brand New Jersey first legalized casino gambling in 1976, it is often understood that casinos were only meant for Atlantic City within the Garden State. That made sense, at least at that time: the resort city had fallen out of favor with tourists, and gambling was regarded as a way to bring money back in the economy that is local. But with increasing competition from Pennsylvania while the specter of New York gambling enterprises on the horizon, some in the state now want to build a casino in a location that could compete with venues directly in neighboring states.

The idea of putting a casino in the Meadowlands located just outside of New York City was floated week that is again last the East Coast Gaming Congress in Atlantic City, attracting support along with concern from those in attendance.

‘A casino in north Jersey, to be taxed at 50 or 60 per cent, we could do a billion dollars in that location,’ said Assemblyman Ralph Caputo, a Democrat. ‘we have to be fighting for those clients. That’s just what Pennsylvania is doing. That’s just what nyc wants to complete.’

Beating New York to industry

Caputo’s idea is always to get a casino built within the Meadowlands before one is created in New York City. While the state of ny has recently start Continue reading “Meadowlands Casino Debated at East Coast Gaming Congress”

New Hampshire Casino Bid Rejected by One Vote

 New Hampshire Casino Bid Rejected by One Vote

It’s good news for Massachusetts, as New Hampshire rejects its latest casino bill.

It might be impossible for New Hampshire to come closer to legalizing casino gambling without really doing it following a two-hour debate, the state’s two-casino bill ended up being killed off inside your home a week ago by one vote, just one thirty days after its one-casino bill was rejected by 29 votes, and 12 months after the one before that. Deputy Speaker Naida Kaen, who was simply presiding over the session, cast the deciding vote following a 172-172 tie.

The bill could have paved the real way for two video gaming licenses for which operators would compete in a bidding process. With regulations drawn up by the Gaming Regulatory Oversight Authority, it hoped to generate $25 million in revenue-sharing for towns and cities, and a poll that is recent the University of New Hampshire suggested that almost all of residents were and only casino gambling.

Two gambling enterprises in full procedure would make $168 million for the state, it is believed, and the Granite State needs the funds more than ever, now that its controversial ‘hospital tax’ is ruled unconstitutional, leaving a $185 million hole into the state spending plan.

A Brand New Hope

It’s understood that 17 representatives whom voted against last month’s bill changed their minds these times, mainly they supported because it was tagged onto a bill to decriminalize marijuana, which. Li Continue reading “New Hampshire Casino Bid Rejected by One Vote”

Vintners Oppose Napa Valley Casino. Some area vintners are upset

Vintners Oppose Napa Valley Casino. Some area vintners are upset about the possibility of a Napa Valley casino into the famous winemaking region in California.

There is a bouquet that is heady of emanating from the Napa Valley at as soon as, where winemakers are turning claret with rage on the possibility of a casino besmirching their fertile soil and lush areas.

The casino may engage in an ambition that is long-term the Mishewal Wappo Tribe of Native People in america, for whom the Napa Valley is a historical homeland, which will be currently suing the US federal government for federal recognition. The Wappo leaders are trying to restore the federal status they lost under the California Rancheria Termination Act of 1958, which specially affected small tribal groups in California.

Recognition would let the tribe to circumvent local zoning and to pursue economic development, which would theoretically allow it to develop a casino without seeking approval from the community. Ca presently has 65 casinos operated by 64 tribes that are different.

In accordance with a report by Los Angeles-based Beacon Economics, tribal gaming supports about 56,000 jobs in California and, in 2012, the state’s casino workers took home $2.9 billion in wages.

Casino Would ‘Upset Agricultural Balance’

But the issue by having a casino amongst the world-famous vineyards of the Napa Valley, as the vintners aim out, is that a Napa County legal ordinance offers priority to ‘agricultural land use,’ and Continue reading “Vintners Oppose Napa Valley Casino. Some area vintners are upset”

Rep. Frank Pallone Requests Daily Fantasy Operators Reveal Participating NFL Players

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